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Baby Levi | A Birth Story in Cincinnati

It's difficult to put into words how special it is to be able to document a baby's journey from inside mama's womb, to birth, to newborn photos. It was an honor to be able to do a complete series not once, but twice, for this growing family! Enjoy viewing baby Levi's story through photos, beginning with their maternity session. . .

The youngest pictured below is their first baby for which I captured the series of maternity-birth-newborn.

It was a warm, but beautiful, summer day for maternity photos at Eden Park in Cincinnati. Twin Lakes always makes things a little more magical with the glistening water and resident ducks and geese.

Bethany always has sweet poses to try out, and while the shot below of everyone's hands on baby bump took some effort, it was well worth it!

Also, how precious is this moment between mama and her baby boy before he becomes a big brother and is no longer the baby?!

I love this little spot by the pond for "mermaid mama" vibes!

When Bethany contacted me about photographing baby Levi's birth story, I was beyond excited for the privilege to document a second birth for their family. It's definitely a job I'm honored to be entrusted with, especially a second time!

expecting mother in labor while dad holds her hand

When I arrived, Bethany had already been given an epidural and was in active labor. Matt was a great support through it all, watching the monitors, holding Bethany's hand, and comforting her.

It was only about two hours after I arrived that little Levi decided it was time to make an appearance! And he made it fast! Bethany pushed a few times, and within about 3 minutes, the hard work was over! He's here!

mom and dad with new baby just born in the hospital

Newborn photos at home with the family wrapped up Levi's birth story series!

What a precious little prince!

And just like that, the Kline family is complete with this tiny caboose. Congratulations!

Thanks for reading!


~ Laura

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