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Claire + Grayson | Engagement Session at Florence Nature Park

Florence Nature Park Engagement Session | Florence, KY

Engaged couple kissing pose

This engagement session came at the end of a string of storms we had had that week. The break in weather gave us an absolutely beautiful day for portraits! And Florence Nature Park has such cute little photographic pockets tucked all around. There's some open green space, walking trails, and a pergola just perfect for couples!

Claire and Grayson met in the summer of 2017 and began dating in October of the same year. They enjoy attending music festivals and concerts together, exploring all the exciting activities Cincinnati has to offer, and turning their new house into a home.

We're looking forward to their May wedding next year!

Engaged couple snuggling
One of my very favorites from their session 😍

Engaged couple against stone pergola
The park has a beautiful pergola with stone columns

Engaged couple kissing pose

engaged couple hold hands, looking at each other, in grassy field
I love this big open green space and how they are looking at each other!

engaged couple gazing at one another, holding hands

engaged couple hugging, focus on engagement ring

engaged couple dance in grassy field
Love this little dance number and her twirly dress!

engaged couple kissing, princess diaries foot pop pose
"You know, in the old movies, whenever a girl would get seriously kissed, her foot would just kind of...pop."

engaged couple with engagement ring
The ring!


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