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Family Photoshoot with Gorgeous Cherry Blossoms

Ault Park, Cincinnati, Ohio

Spring has finally sprung in Cincinnati, and it is a photographer's paradise! Daffodils, tulips, early-spring wild flowers - oh the beauty! And these Weeping Cherry Trees in Ault Park put on their glorious show and did not disappoint as a backdrop for family portraits. Fortunately, although it was chilly out, the afternoon gave us the perfect amount of sunshine! This family was so sweet to work with and posed like pros! I think that baby girl smiled the entire time. Look at her infectious smile! I just couldn't stop oohing and ahhing over her cute self!

So sweet, am I right???

Excuse me while I'm over here swooning over this adorable photoshoot. I mean, really!

The family - so cute! The sunshine - so perfect! The blossoms - so lovely! Ahhhh!

Autumn is my favorite season, but spring may be trying to steal its place in my heart... <3 The cherry blossoms may be all done for this year, but spring still has quite a show going on out there!

To schedule your own spring photo session, click here. I'd be so happy for another opportunity to create beautiful spring portraits!

Until then, blessings on your day,



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